Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick or Treat??

It's always best to go for the treat! At Garden Fresh Market, have everything you need for your Halloween celebration, (including last minute Halloween candy for your Trick or Treaters!) How about an old favorite? Apples for Bobbing? Or a fun project with your kids: wrapping apples in Caramel Apple Wrap (only $2.49!) and some sprinkles for decoration! Maybe you're a fan of Pumpkin or Apple Pie? Both are only $2.99 this week! And don't forget to carve a jack-o-lantern! We have special pricing on pumpkins, and save those seeds for baking later!! Check out our Ad in it's entirety HERE. Have a Happy and SAFE Halloween!


As you may or may not know, at Garden Fresh Market we have our own loyalty rewards program (fill out your form here and bring it in ). And this year we will be giving away free turkeys. That's right: FREE TURKEYS!!!

Here are the basics:
~Earn 800 points between October 21st and Thanksgiving 2009, and win a Free Turkey
~One dollar spent on a product is equal to one point. Sales tax is NOT included.
~Customers can find out their accumulated points by inquiring at our Customer Service desks located in each store
~Please hold on to your receipts during the period for backup! Points are accumulated at the end of the day and are not in "real time"
~You must be signed up for our Rewards Card Program (Again, you can fill out this form and bring it in and start getting points today!)

For every dollar spent with the Garden Fresh Rewards card, a customer will earn one point. Points will be accumulated for designated promotion periods. Points for the Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway will be accumulated from October 21st 2009 up to and including November 26th, 2009. Customer have until December 21st, 2009 to redeem their reward. Unredeemed points will not carry over into future rewards periods, unless future promotions specifically express rules including previous periods. We're pleased to offer Kosher Turkeys for customers who earn 1200 points. Garden Fresh reserves the right to select the turkey. Customers who accumulate 800 points between the specified dates will be rewarded with a frozen turkey between 16 and 20 pounds in weight. The customer is responsible for checking point totals. Point totals are not reported in "real time". If a customer believes they have exceeded their point totals before sales tax, they must provide purchase receipts from the specified period. Customers must present rewards card to redeem rewards and inquire about points. Customers can get their points totals at Customer Services. Once again, please hold on to receipts that displays the card number.

Welcome to our Blog!

We’ve got the personal touch!

I began my business about 30 years ago. I had the idea to sell fruit and vegetables to pay the bills and that’s where it all started. I would get into my little red pickup and head to downtown Chicago’s International Produce Market. I would buy the best produce and hit the streets to sell to stores and restaurants. 25 years ago I opened my first produce stand. Garden Fresh Market now has 8 locations and I still pick out the fruit and vegetables for every store everyday. I love this job.

Great Quality Produce at a very competitive price is always a challenge in today’s market. I have been buying produce for over 30 years. Here at Garden Fresh Market, I personally oversee our expert buyers who buy our top quality produce at the very best prices day after day. We are at the market each and everyday at 4:00am. We hand pick and taste everything to find the very best quality produce and then secure it at the very best price for you everyday! Not everybody in Chicagoland spends the time and energy that we do to be the very best.

This is why you can count on Garden Fresh Market to have the very best quality and the very best prices. Thank you for your business,

Adi Mor, Owner, Garden Fresh Market

Please visit our website at for more information.

You may be asking yourself: "Where can I find my local Garden Fresh Market?" Well, please visit any of our 8 locations.

Chicago - 5701 West Belmont Ave.(773) 622-2211
Wheeling - 1786 Hintz Rd.(847) 394-1100
Mundelein - 400 Townline Rd.(847) 949-9210
Northbrook - 275 Skokie Blvd.(847) 272-0300
Mt. Prospect - 1145 Mt. Prospect Plaza(847) 463-2360
Arlington Heights - 600 East Rand Rd.(847) 577-1770
Round Lake Beach - 965 East Rollins Rd.(847) 231-6650
Naperville - 955 W 75th Street(630) 961-9204

We're excited to hear your thoughts, and to help serve you better, so please let us know how we're doing!